College and Career Guidance Counselor

Growing up in northern Maine along the Canadian border was not exactly the metropolitan lifestyle. Being from such a remote area, I had my work cut out for me trying to figure out where to apply to college and knowing what to study. Resources were scarce and accurate information was difficult to come by 25 years ago. Take advantage of the assistance you can receive and HAVE A HIGHLY SKILLED COLLEGE ADVISOR MENTORING YOUR STUDENT.


Starting out at the university in my hometown of Presque Isle, I later transferred to the state’s campus in Portland (USM) – the biggest city in Maine. After trying out for the NCAA Division III ice hockey team, I pledged a national fraternity (Delta Chi). Meeting a young lady who was attending through the National Student Exchange Program, I decided to sign up myself after looking into it further. Wanting to attend the most culturally different school in the country, I left for Baton Rouge in the fall and enrolled at Louisiana State University. I learned a lot about myself and changed my major from finance to philosophy.

Having spent a couple summers during high school in San Diego participating in a JROTC program for the Navy, my wish was to return to southern California . I was admitted into California State University at Northridge (CSUN) near Los Angeles. While there my youngest brother moved to Georgia to attend a junior college to play baseball. Moving yet again, to be closer to him and offer my support and encouragement, the University of Tennessee became my new home. I finally earned my bachelor’s degree in 1997 and graduated in the same class as Peyton Manning (for all you football fans). I love the New England Patriots!


Returning to Maine for the summer, I was selected for the International Work Abroad Program. I moved to New Zealand and lived in downtown Auckland. Backpacking the North and South Islands, I did the world’s highest bungee jump (at the time) at 340 feet in Queenstown called the Pipeline (see photo below). I then traveled around the entire eastern half of Australia, going from Melbourne to Adelaide to Alice Springs to Cairns to Brisbane and down to Sydney. I climbed Ayres Rock in the middle of the Outback and visited the Sydney Opera House. After six months of being overseas I finally made my way back home.

Up to this point, I had never considered a career in education. I began subbing in the greater Portland area and volunteering with a high school hockey program. The following year I was hired as an assistant Varsity coach. I knew that I wanted to work in a position that was specialized and required a higher level of education. Shadowing with many guidance counselors during my open planning periods, I realized that I wanted to go into secondary guidance. Making up my mind to move to the Sunshine State, I took a job teaching and coaching in Broward County.


I learned that the classes I needed were offered right here at Florida Atlantic University. Moving to Boca Raton, I earned my master’s degree in Educational Psychology with an A average. Completing the courses in school counseling at the same time, I met the STATE REQUIREMENTS after three years of full-time study. Enrolling at Nova Southeastern and St. Thomas to take the last of the certification courses, I was placed for my practicum experience with Palm Beach Schools. I wanted to begin working with students on an individual basis. I have always had a special interest in colleges and their admissions practices.

I focused most of my research on topics related to attending college, such as: choice of major, gender roles, diversity and race, motivation and goal setting, adolescent behavior, affirmative action and career education. Ten of my graduate papers are available for your viewing by clicking on the Newsletter box found on the left side of this page. All of my documents are converted to .pdf format, so you will need Adobe Reader to view them. For more info about me, click on COUNSELOR’S PROFILE.


During my last year of graduate studies, I was hired as the college advisor at a public high school in Broward. I was responsible for reviewing applications, recommending scholarships, booking recruiters and making presentations to parents and students alike. I handled everything that was related to the college application process. I actually volunteered extra hours to be exposed to as many unique situations as I could. As a result, I feel highly confident to be able to work with most any case brought before me. Having developed an extensive network of associates, families have a number of options available to them for professional referrals.