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The purpose of Premier College Advisors is to assist families with finding the most appropriate college options for their students.

To find the best options that match their grades, test scores, academic interests, personality and financial position. Help is given with school search, selection of major, financial aid and scholarships, interviews, recommendations, campus visits, summer programs, career exploration, entrance testing and personal statements. Learn how to communicate with professors and admissions recruiters and how to research positions with future employers. Become the most competitive applicant possible using proven strategies and techniques to reach your long term goals.

The Ramirez Family

Santiago Ramirez
Visual Major, Dreyfoos School of the Arts
“I had no idea what I had to do to begin with. Now I am going to art school because of Scott. He helped me out through the research and It’s very important to do research and look into things intensively.”

What is Private Advising for College?

Schools have become more demanding and the standards are much higher for admission. PCA works one-to-one with students/families to provide the proper planning necessary to give them the greatest chance for rising above the competition. You will have access when it fits your schedule best.

Why do I need this type of assistance?

There are thousands of colleges and specialized programs in the USA. Do you know what they are looking for and how to find them? Missed chances can’t be made up later and you only get ONE opportunity at admissions. Do you really want to pay the full sticker price for tuition? (Up to $50K+)

Advantages to working with PCA?

Competition is everywhere in the world of college acceptance. Learn best how to present your strengths and how to market yourself properly. Impress recruiters, interact with professors, pick a major and your school for REAL reasons and be awarded the most generous aid package possible.