Fees and Payments

College Placement Program Fees
Learn more about fees and payments, referrals incentives and more. Most people looking to hire a private consultant have absolutely no idea what the expense would be for such services. Fortunately, one of the national associations affiliated with college admissions advising has recently completed a survey of its members. The information gathered shows what the normal and customary fees charged are around the country. For those families who schedule a consultation with me, they will be able to view the document that provides this data.

For those families who would like limited assistance on an hourly basis, my fee is lower than the average national hourly rate. The hourly expense for college advising at the three prep centers in Palm Beach County is $250 per hour — and you must drive to them. All sessions for which I commute must be booked for a minimum of three hours at a time. There is a nominal fee to cover my travel expenses. So families may choose only the topics that pertain to them and I will design an individualized curriculum accordingly. Please note that hourly advising covers only the time I am there.


I figure my rates on which institutions students are planning to attend. Basing it on the number of schools wouldn’t accurately reflect the amount of work to be done. For example, if there are two students (each applying to one college) there will be far more effort required in dealing with the Ivy League hopeful as opposed to the junior college applicant. Hence, I base everything I charge on the type of school(s) to which applications are being sent (public or private colleges). The highest category that any one of the prospective colleges falls into will dictate the fee assigned for all schools combined.

When families schedule a consultation with me they will be able to view the itemized breakdown of all packages in my portfolio. There are over 200 lessons, tools, and resources included with the full advising. There are additional activities specifically designed for those applying to private colleges. Visit the Outline of Services in the menu to the left to see what supplemental services are provided in the full advising packages.

OptionsVisitsCollegesHours Total Fee
A La Carte1-3Varies3-9Call
FL Public IN-STATE4@ 1012+Call
Public OUT-OF-STATE5@ 50015+Call
Private (ALL SCHOOLS)6@ 4,00018+Call

**NOTE: These rates include college advising, career exploration and assistance with financial aid, grants, scholarships and award letters. The hours listed are only those that I am there in person. Students and parents both get complimentary access to me through cell phone and email contact. Factor an additional hour of my time for EACH essay and application review.


If I am hired to assist with financial aid and scholarships, you have to remember that the amount is to be divided by four years of attendance. It would be next to impossible for me to not be able to increase your aid package or otherwise save you that amount of money. So you would basically be getting all of your money back AND you would have had someone else overseeing your work. It’s not a bad deal at all when you look at things that way. The question is: Do you know as much as I do about financial aid?

The information that I provide to families is what is most valuable to the admissions process. If there is a program that a student may qualify for but they don’t know that it even exists, then how will they apply for it? If there is a certain field that one wants to study but a family doesn’t know where it is, then how can the student gain admittance to it? High schools and universities deal with hundreds and thousands of students on a regular basis. It cannot be expected that they will be able to inform everyone who is inquiring about all the programs that may be available to them. A great deal of research and follow up is necessary to make sure that opportunities aren’t missed.


I will start working with a student after the payment of an initial deposit of 50% down. After that payments would be made at the end of each advising session. So if you don’t book me for three months, then you don’t pay me for three months. This allows families to spread the payment amounts over a greater period of time. Families are welcome to pay in full in advance if they want to. (The Itemized package is paid in full up front.) This would allow for financial aid and scholarship advising to begin immediately. Here is an example of a simple payment schedule for those picking the Florida option:

Option/SessionOneTwoThreeFourTotal Paid
Florida Public50% Deposit25%25%N\ADone

I will accept payment in the form of a personal check or cash. I have my program structured so that scholarships, grants, and financial aid are NOT handled until after I have been paid in full. The same policy is in effect for reviewing essays and applications. For anyone who pays in full up front we will be able to begin working on financial aid and applications immediately.


I have developed my own referral system where people who help get the word out about me are able to make some good money and/or receive discounted services. Basically, I don’t know who your friends and fellow parents are and so I don’t know how to contact them. By having students and active parents make connections for me, I am able to spend less time on marketing and more time concentrating on client needs. If you inform others about me and they subsequently hire my services, here is the breakdown of how I will compensate you for your assistance with growing my business:

Criteria Of ReferralsCompensation
Book Me for a Presentation to Your Group$100 per New Client
You have NOT hired me for your advising10% Credit
You have hired me for your advising10% Discount
You are in my Referral Network$150 per New Client