A. Scott Daigle is a certification-eligible guidance counselor through the Florida Department of Education who has private liability insurance through his membership in the American School Counselors Association. In addition, he has school board security clearance with both the Broward and Palm Beach School Districts. Scott writes a column on college advising for Today’s Teen, which is distributed to the high schools in PBC by the Palm Beach Post. He is a former school teacher and college advisor at a public high school in Broward County and he is the alumni recruiter for a national university. Scott attended eight different universities and holds a master’s degree in educational psychology. A former high school ice hockey coach in Maine, he completed a work exchange in New Zealand & Australia after graduating from the University of Tennessee in 1997.
A. There are 20+ independent consultants who are affiliated with PCA. Each of them specializes in a different area, such as test prep, financial aid, athletic recruiting, learning disabilities, and so on. Once I begin working with you, I will personally refer you to those individuals who I feel would best address your particular situation.
A. As with anything that is done privately, there will be fees for services rendered. Advising is not inexpensive, but my consulting costs LESS than the national average. On top of that, I cover more areas of need and provide more direct access to myself than other educational companies do. I have payment plans to accommodate most anyone looking.
A. No, I do not fill out forms for you. I wouldn’t know the answers anyway. I also do not write your essays for you, as that would be fraud. And I cannot write letters of recommendation for you, as that would be a direct conflict of interest. However, I will edit and critique documents and forms that you send to me for review and comment.
A. I will begin working with students as early as 10th grade. I strongly advise against waiting until 12th grade to begin. Students will have access to me until they graduate from high school. Families pick a schedule that works best for them and I will accommodate their needs. You book the sessions when you need to have the material covered.